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Welcome to Nusa Penida, an island paradise located in Bali, Indonesia. This hidden gem boasts breathtaking views of white sand beaches and turquoise waters that will leave you speechless. If you’re planning a trip here soon, make sure to add Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Angel’s Billabong to your must-visit list. These three spots are some of the most stunning locations on the island and offer unforgettable experiences for every traveler. Join me as we explore these destinations together and discover why Nusa Penida is a top destination for adventure seekers around the world!


Kelingking Beach


Kelingking Beach, also known as T-Rex Bay or Karang Dawa Viewpoint, is one of the most iconic destinations on Nusa Penida. The beach’s unique shape resembles a T-Rex dinosaur, making it a popular spot for Instagrammers and photographers.


To reach Kelingking Beach, visitors must first trek down steep stairs carved into the cliffside. The hike can be challenging but is well worth the effort once you reach the secluded beach below. Here you’ll find crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling.


Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as there are limited facilities available at Kelingking Beach. Additionally, it’s important to exercise caution when swimming due to strong currents in some areas.


Kelingking Beach is an absolute must-visit destination on Nusa Penida. Its stunning natural beauty will leave you awestruck and its secluded location provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Broken Beach


Broken Beach is one of the most iconic spots in Nusa Penida. Located on the western coast, this natural wonder boasts a stunning circular lagoon surrounded by towering cliffs and crystal clear waters.


What makes Broken Beach truly unique is its unusual rock formation that has been eroded over time to form a perfectly shaped archway leading out to sea. The archway frames the turquoise blue ocean beyond, creating an incredibly picturesque view that’s perfect for photos.


Visitors can take in the breathtaking scenery from above by walking around the cliff edge or climb down to explore Broken Beach up close. However, swimming or snorkeling isn’t allowed due to strong currents in the area.


Despite its name, Broken Beach is anything but broken – it’s a spectacular site that showcases nature’s beauty at its finest. Don’t miss your chance to experience this natural wonder when you visit Nusa Penida!


Angel’s Billabong


Angel’s Billabong is a natural infinity pool located on the west coast of Nusa Penida. It is named after its crystal-clear water that creates an illusion of an angelic blue color. The pool was formed by the erosion of limestone rock, creating a stunning natural wonder that attracts tourists from all over the world.


To get to Angel’s Billabong, you will need to hike down some steep cliffs, making it quite challenging for some visitors. However, once you arrive at this magical spot, you’ll be captivated by its beauty and serenity.


Swimming in Angel’s Billabong can only happen during low tide as high tide would cause strong waves and currents into the pool. So make sure to check the tides before visiting or ask your guide for advice.


Once inside the pool area, take some time to relax and admire nature’s beauty around you. The clear water offers great visibility allowing snorkelers and swimmers alike an opportunity to witness vibrant corals and colorful fishes swimming under them.


Angel’s Billabong offers visitors a unique experience with breathtaking views while providing excellent opportunities for photography enthusiasts who are always seeking new perspectives to capture priceless moments in their cameras.


Getting There and Where to Stay:


Getting to Nusa Penida can be a bit tricky, but the effort is worth it. You can reach this beautiful island by taking a boat ride from Sanur Beach or Padang Bai Harbor in Bali. The journey takes about 45 minutes to an hour and costs around IDR 350K per person for a round trip.


Once you arrive at Nusa Penida, there are plenty of accommodation options suitable for all kinds of travelers. From budget homestays to luxurious resorts, you will find everything here. Many tourists prefer staying near the coast as they get easy access to some of the most popular attractions on the island.


Some of the best places to stay include Atuh Forest Cottage, Crystal Bay Villa & Residence, La Roja Bungalows, and more. These accommodations offer comfortable rooms with modern amenities along with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.


If you want something offbeat and unique, then consider staying in one of Nusa Penida’s treehouses overlooking lush green jungles or enjoying your vacation by living in eco-friendly bamboo houses that give back directly into nature.


Finding accommodation on Nusa Penida has never been easier! Just explore your options online before arriving so that you have an idea of where you’d like to stay during your visit – whether it’s near popular tourist destinations or secluded areas away from crowds.




Nusa Penida is a hidden gem that should not be missed when visiting Bali. It offers stunning natural attractions that are perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Angel’s Billabong are just a few of the many incredible places to explore on this island paradise.


When planning your trip to Nusa Penida, make sure to consider the best time of year to visit and book accommodations in advance as they can fill up quickly during peak season. Also, keep in mind that some areas may require hiking or off-road transportation so plan accordingly with appropriate footwear and attire.


Visiting Nusa Penida is an experience like no other and will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime on this beautiful Indonesian island!

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